I think I have a problem, I LOVE BURNING !      I am exploring various burning techniques to add to my art.  I have in the past used a micro torch for one of my pieces, (Live Life in Full Color).  On that piece I burned the grain prior to doing anything with it.  Sometimes I get my inspiration out of accidental or experimental techniques.  This is the case on this piece.

I had sanded down a few pieces of fairly unweathered pallet wood, (with my new belt sander), cut, stained and put them together.  I wanted to do a few inspirational pieces and of course Pinterest was the vehicle.  The stain I used for my base was a vinegar stain I had let “cook” for almost two weeks. Once dry I lightly sprayed with an ivory paint, then the metallic paint, and finally with the sea blue.  I let that set overnight and then lightly sanded with a 120 grit sand paper.  I then selectively burned the various areas of the grain.  The piece below is a picture of the second piece I’m working on but exactly the same stains and spray paints.


Once I was satisfied with the burning, ( SO MUCH FUN), I started my piece.  I first chose my font and added it to the Word Art using PowerPoint.  This is a great way to get the size you want.  I then saved it to a PDF file and printed showing the cut marks.  I positioned it on the boards and traced the font carefully with carbon paper.  I used the acrylic paint markers to color the lettering which you can get at most craft stores, I got mine at Walmart.  I used a dark green and over top I used the white.

Next I painted on a fancy branch and added the three silhouette birds,  I then added my yellow bird.  I cut out some tine I had left from  a previous project to add to the wing.  I also used some buttons I had to the branch.  I glued all on with Gorilla glue.

Here’s a couple of things that didn’t work well together.  Gel pen and brush on clear coat.  I used a gel pen to outline some of the lettering as well for the eye and nose on the yellow bird.  When I was brushing on the clear coat I noticed the streaking but by then it was too late and I continued on.  Lesson learned.  If I had used a spray on it probably wouldn’t have happened.  However I like the look of a brush on clear coat rather than a spray on.  Or at least I haven’t found the right spray product that enhances the grain in the wood like a brush on.

The streaking didn’t bother the person that fell in love with this piece and bought it.  I discounted it non the less because it bothered me.

Let me know what you think or I am always happy to have suggestions.


Happy DIY!


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