Dandy Wish Garden SingThis is my first pallet sign.  Sorry if the picture isn’t the greatest, I should get better with a little more experience at this.  I used the knots in the wood to create the dandelions.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out. I didn’t use stencils for anything.  But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ever do that because I have.  More on that in a later post.

My experience is that try not to be perfect.  Hard to do but believe me your results are better without.  In other words don’t overwork your art.  Yes it’s your art even if you are following instructions or creating from scratch.  A personal touch cannot be copied.

I’ve learned that if you’re using pallet material for outside you can cut a lot of corners.  I just sanded, stained and went on my way to a beautiful project.  My dear man Chris did the brute work of cutting the pallets.  Bless him.  The pallet art above sold three times over but each one will be different because the wood will be different.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.  I will post step-by-step for the project above as soon as I make my next one.

If you don’t have an eye for experimenting a friend once told me it’s only paint.  It doesn’t matter what you started with you can do it over if you don’t like it.  I would hesitate there though because you might find that you are unhappy with the results but someone else might think it’s the most beautiful thing.  Don’t ever sell yourself short.

There is an artist in all of us.



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    • Thank you very much for you kind comment and information. I currently am only taking baby steps at this time. I will keep your information in mind when I am ready to develop this further.

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