In a previous post on “experimental vinegar stain” I stained a wonderful cedar shutter.  I loved the color but wanted to brighten in up just a touch.  To do this I just watered down my paint sample and washed over the shutter again.  The color was Bahaman Sea Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Next I set to painting my sunflowers.  I was so happy how bright and inviting this piece was turning out that I wanted to keep it but had previously mentioned this project to a wonderful woman who had purchased one of my pieces.  She was looking for another piece as a gift for her sister and I told her I was working on one she might like.  When I finished the sunflowers I sent her a picture to see if that is what she had in mind.  I also mentioned that I was very happy how it was looking and if I could find more shutter’s I would definitely want to do more.

I placed my flowers in a way that I would have room to add wording.  Once my flowers were dry I was ready to add my wording.  Let me tell you that was no easy task for me.  I selected my font and size and tried to transfer the font on.  Because of the louvers it was pretty wiggly and uneven.  Fortunately I only tried one letter.  I thought I might be able to stencil them on but I was on a bit of a time constraint with this piece as I promised my client it would be ready for the weekend.  Some times I put too much pressure on myself to get things done.  As I did not have time to cut out my stencils I decided it would have to be free hand.  No problem I have done that before, “right”?

First I will tell you that curvy font on louvers free hand is in my opinion not the way to go.  I had already started my font so I was committed to making it work.  If I made an error there was no turning back unless I sanded and re-stained.  I carefully painted my words using a mixed font.  The straight font was free hand Riesling which I should have stuck with all the way through.  Once I was done I noticed that the L in Life was not very defined.  I used a black gel pen to see if I could make it look more like an L.  Once I had done that I followed through on all the letters.  That’s another medium I will not use on wood again for lettering it looked quite shaky.  I then went over it with my very fine brush in black.  All in all everything turned out very nice except I was still not happy with the L.

I contacted my client to let her know the shutter was finished and she said that they just happened to have four shutters in their garage if I was interested?  Of course I was!  These were unpainted very nice fir shutters.  We struck a deal and I traded the Sunflower piece for the new shutters.  She was so thrilled with the piece and I was thrilled to get four more blank canvases.

Nice how things turn out sometimes.



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