Here is a simple and fun DIY clock idea that anyone can do.  You can do this with just about anything, a tea pot, a fun canister just use your imagination.  I had a french-white pitcher which I intended to use as a gravy boat but never did.  Oh look I can make a clock out of it!  First thing I did is look up how to drill a hole in porcelain or tile.  I’ve attached the link below.  Tanya has the steps very well done and I followed them to a tee and didn’t have any issues.  I didn’t have the bits to do it so I needed to purchase them.  Which is OK because I’m sure I’ll use them again, however it did prove to be a bit difficult to find in our small town and I ended up going to the next town which had a Canadian Tire and found the exact bits I needed.

I drilled the hole and attached the mechanism.  I have a pretty good inventory of mechanisms the trick was to find the correct shaft length.  Too short and off course it won’t go through and too long and your hands will be out too far.  Because of the curvature inside the shaft length needed to be longer.  If you are re-purposing an old clock most likely the shaft length is standard and will not fit.  I used  9/16 shaft length, (standard is usually about 5/16th).

Before stickers

Before stickers

I displayed it at our local Farmer’s Market with just some small boxes on painted doweling.  The idea was to put your own pictures on the boxes.  Kind of a play on words there.  I got quite a few nice comments on it.

My Daughter had a friend’s birthday coming up and asked me to make a clock for her.  I showed her the pitcher clock and told her it might work well for her needs if she wanted to gather some pictures I could decoupage them on the boxes I already had.  I glued the tops of the boxes on to prevent the doweling pushing the tops off.  I also placed some styrofoam in the bottom of the pitcher and pushed the doweling in to secure them so they would stay in place and not interfere with the clock hands once the clock was active.  Her friend is just crazy about cats and thought I would add some stickers which I purchased at the local dollar store.  I placed some of the stickers around the clock.  The box placed in the middle was to be used for an addition gift my daughter had purchased for her friend in Ireland recently. That was it all done. Pitcher Picture clock 2 Pitcher Picture clock 3

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