Well judging by the air in our neck of the woods fall is here.  Had to turn up the heat, which brought me to thoughts of fall and all the things with it.  I had a wonderful little vacation visiting my parents on beautiful Vancouver Island.  I do miss living there but I don’t miss the busyness that has become most of the Island.

Now that I’m a bit more refreshed I started thinking about fall and fall projects for our up coming Fall Fair and Vendor’s market day.  Of late I have seen a few requests for pumpkin art on our local Homemade and Handmade face book page.  So you guessed it I decided I would make some cute pallet pumpkins for our porch and yours.

I picked out some boards and set to work with the usual cleaning and sanding.  Once I finished I then measured the boards and cut to length.  As these were square pumpkins I placed two sides on edge and put a thin stream of wood glue on both edges.  I placed the third side on my edges and used a brad nailer to hold in place, flipped it over and put my final side on again with glue and the brad nailer.  I then measure my top and cut to size.  Before I put the top on I drilled out a hole about the size of a small tree branch.  Once that was done I again glued and nailed the piece on.  I made three of various heights.  I then spray painted them lightly with Rust-Oleum Painters Touch.  I like this spray paint as it has a primer built in and the colors are pretty true to the color of the lid.  Of course that’s on bare wood.  Once dry I cut some lengths for the stem off of a Pine we trimmed this summer.  Glued them in the hole waited for it to dry and added ribbon bows.  Done!

2016-08-27 16.34.50 The tallest one is 23-1/2in and the shortest one is 9-3/4in.  There are no bottoms on them as I thought they may carry over for Christmas to hide a gift or on your porch to hide a key.

Pretty easy and pretty cute.  The six pumpkins not including drying time was about 4 hours.  Definitely do-able for a weekend quick project.


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