Ever wonder what to do with the cut ends off your pallet projects?

Oh my gosh have things been busy!  With Fall right around the corner like most I have been reaping the benefits of my small shipping crate garden, (see my post on that), as well as all the goodies and fresh produce coming in at the Farmer’s market.  As people in the Northern areas can appreciate our growing season isn’t as long as some and coming by fresh locally grown produce is a finite time period.

Besides my day job I have also been getting some things ready for our local Fall Fair and Farmer’s market coming up this Saturday.  I hope to post the goings on there with the permission of all our AG society and of course the vendor’s.  It should be an exciting event as well kick off the craft season in preparation, (I hate to say), Christmas.  There I said it.

I myself don’t tour around and enter all the craft shows.  I’m busy enough with my wonderful family, (I include all my fur babies as family), work and my art projects.  Which brings me to this little idea I had using up some of my cut ends off my pallet projects.  Super fast and easy to do.  Well if your like me it might not be super fast I tend to redo things until I like the look of it even if it is supposed to be simple.

I took these two pieces of my cut ends.2016-09-04 22.39.21 Here they are already drilled, painted, (Now & Then), and rubbed with coconut oil.  I didn’t intend to oil the wood but I was canning all day and my hands were in serious need of some moisture therapy so I decided to rub some coconut oil into the wood.  It was actually kind of relaxing and I loved how the grain came out in these pieces.  I”ll need to do a little more research into oiling the wood but I will add that on another post.  This was supposed to be simple right?

The next day after finishing the rest of my canning.  I added some rope and tied the two pieces together.  Presto we have a nice little rustic picture holder for school pictures or what ever.  The pictures displayed are old school pictures of my daughter who is more than married now but I found these and thought they would be great for the display purpose.  You’ll also notice I changed the color of the words, the blue just didn’t stand out enough.

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