On my last post, “Monogram Sign”,  I was excited that I tried something new.  Working with tin from cookie tins or other product tins.  Well I guess you could say that it was sort of a mosaic using the tin in my sign.  I actually couldn’t stop thinking about it and since started investigating this a little more in-depth.  There’s a whole new world of idea’s and talent out there!  I told a friend today that there was so much out there I wanted to try that I probably won’t live long enough to try them all.  I will need to make an artist’s bucket list and cross off as I try new things.  Ya Ya!

You’ll forgive me if I blather a bit, this is so exciting!  I’ve previously used some metal cigar tins as featured numbers in my bullet shot clock.Cigar man cave clock  No I didn’t use a gun it would have smash the wood to smithereens!  I used a nail punch to make faux bullet holes on the three and the nine spots.  My hubby’s suggestion, (he’s so smart).  Now, just recently on the family sign, cutting out the pieces and placing them on the board similar to a mosaic.

tin sea horse

tin sea horse

I’m still researching but interesting thing is so far I have not found any references or art re-purposing tin of any kind as a mosaic medium.  At least not in the context I’m thinking of.  I will need to research this a little more I’m sure it’s out there.

As my DIY projects evolve and I try new things I hope you will join me on my journey.  I am welcome to input and information, there’s always something to learn.


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