I took last week off from my day job so I could get some pallet art ready for our local indoor Farmer’s Market.  It’s a small event about 30 tables but the tables are usually booked well in advance.  I’m just starting to become more or less a regular.  I’m always happy when people come by and I hear wow or chat a bit with me about how I made something.  A lot of people take my card and there are so many interesting people to meet.

I presented my clocks which are pictured in my DIY Clock category.  I always seem to mix up DIY and to DYI, even if I say it out loud.  Silly quirk of mine.  Articles to come on my clocks.  I am soon to start on a special project that I have rattling around in my head.  A friend has moved to another Province and has commissioned me to make something special for them.  I will catalogue that when I start.  I’m excited to get it out of my head and do hands on work for the clock project.

Back to the pallet art.  I finished three for the market and was really happy with them.  My sunflower one was a big hit and sold.  Sunflower Sunnyside up I find that I’m not used to painting on wood so it has been a bit of a challenge but it’s all about developing a technique so that’s exciting to me.  The other thing I love doing is coming up with a catchy saying, that’s not to say that I haven’t used a common one or perhaps did a play of words from something I have read.  I’ve always loved simple poetry and put my emotions into my art and sayings.

The Black Wish one I love.  The pallet wood I’m sure is hard wood and the same stain was used on it as the Sunflower one.  The wood also looked like it may have come from a diseased tree as it had groves in it like maybe ants or some sort of beetle.  I guess maybe similar to the Pine Beetle infestation in British Columbia that was brought over from another country on a freighter.  The wood from those trees has produced some very unusual patterns that is highly prized.  Sometimes the grain or the character of the wood tells me what I should paint on it.  On the smaller dandelion I followed the groves to create the curves of the head. Black Hardwood Wish finishedConveniently there was a knot hole almost center at the top so I added a burlap wire ribbon to complete it.

This one was a doodle I produced on a paper while at a previous farmer’s market.  I decided to try a paint and stain to complete this piece.  The wood on this one wasn’t really talking to me.  I did start with the same stain I used on the other two but it looked boring to me.Dandi Lovin Garden So I had some nice blue latex paint which I washed over the boards.  When that was dry I randomly sanded, wiped off and put some outdoor barn door red stain over.

One of my neighbors has an “experimental dandelion” sign on their garden gate.  I always liked her little sign.  She’s elderly and her daughter, who lives with her, recently bought the house from her mom.  I gave this one to them, they love it.

I used Patio paint on all of these including the lettering.  Once all was dry I sprayed two to three coats of “Rust-Oleum Painters Touch” in matte clear finish.

I scored big at this event.  A friend I used to work with, (I have a regular day job), has been off and on in touch with me had come across some shutters that she was going to put up on their home and some have a little water damage.  When she was telling me the story I piped up and said I’d be happy to take any she didn’t feel she could use.  We’ve been trying to connect for about a month and there she was coming across the floor with one of the shutters.  Yeah!

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