My goodness it’s been a while since I’ve written anything.  I have been doing more than writing.

In my previous posts I have mentioned my LOVE for burning and wanted to show my meager attempt at using an ancient Japanese Technique for burning and preserving wood called Shou Sugi Ban.  This literally translates to burnt Cedar board.

The technique has been around for hundreds of years and was developed as a means of preserving wood and making it fire and bug resistant for up to 80 years or more.  My understanding is that the main use was for siding on houses, however it has developed into an artistic wood art as well.  Properly done it is a bit time consuming, however the results are timeless and produce a truly unique wood grain.

Besides the uniqueness you can create with burning, the technique makes the project fire and pest resistant! Who wouldn’t like that?  Although I am not charring the wood to the degree the true technique requires in this little project, I am certain my pallet boards are free of bugs and molds.

The technique I used is a four step process on previously cleaned and sanded boards

Step 1:  Burning

Propane or other hand held torch

Step 2: Brushing

A stiff bristle brush

Step 3: Washing

Vinager in water with a dash of dish soap

Step 4 Staining or Oiling

Below is my video link showing the 4 step method.

Wood burn Shou Sugi Ban (1)

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