Last week-end we had our local Fall Fair & Market.  It was a hopping event held at our town Rodeo Grounds.  It was raining earlier in the morning with a gusty wind but the weather co-operated and soon cleared up to become a very nice day.

The event was, in years past, held at our local museum grounds and this year moved to the Rodeo grounds which could accommodate more vendor’s and events.  There was an overwhelming response from local vendors and those from surrounding towns wanting to have a display.  The organizers must have had an arduous task trying to accommodate everyone.  As this was my first time as a vendor I didn’t quite know what to expect.  Next time I will bring some help so I can explore the wonderful homemade and handmade items from near and far.

I was able to talk with and received permission to post the pictures from a couple of vendor’s near me.  Please feel free to contact them.





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