I tried something different.  Not sure how well it will hold up but I liked the results.  I had some vinegar stain left in my pre-made stain, (check my vinegar stain  method post on how I usually make it).  I decided I wanted to add a more blueish tint.  One of our hardware stores sells sample jars of latex paint color.  A good and inexpensive way to try new colors.  $5.00 Canadian.  I pick my color and decide to mix it in with the vinegar stain I had left over.  Here’s a warning, do it outside!  Mine bubbled and frothed and spilled over when I sealed my jar and shook it up to mix the color.  Not being an expert in chemistry or metallurgy I sometimes do things most shouldn’t, ( I can feel and see my hubby rolling his eyes over this, he wasn’t home thank goodness).  However in my defense I was thinking “what the heck my stain is natural, right?  Latex is water soluble so what harm Paint samplecould it do?” vinegar stain and latex

Fortunately other than a big fizz and bubbling over my jar it didn’t explode or anything.  Sort of like shaking a big bottle of warm pop and opening it.  It also reminded me of adding baking soda to a bar mix I am fond of making around Christmas time to give it an airy and light texture.  I am very happy that it gave really pleasing results and my shop and skin are still intact:)

This is the pallet wood I stained with it and beside is the oh so awesome score of a cedar window shutter. The shutter turned sort of an antique green blue and the pallet wood a touch more vibrant.  I finished the pallet would art and am looking forward to trying out something new on my shutter.  On the pallet wood I painted a large dragon fly.  I used gel pen to draw out my leaves and dragon fly and painted with patio paint.  Once the paint was dry I used gel pen again over the dragon fly wings to give the wings some texture.  Hard to see in this picture.  I will need to get a better close up for my next blog. Large Dragon Fly Pallet ArtWindow shutter

Vinegar & Latex stain

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