I have recently struggled with requests to make certain items people see on Facebook or Pinterest.  Although I find some of this engaging and challenging I struggle with myself whether I am creating art or crafting.  I believe they can be the same in some respect.  As I’ve expressed before I’m not especially gifted or unique, however I do gain great pleasure in creating something.

With each season there is always wonderful arts and crafts that do very well at markets or for sale through other media avenues.  Many of the seasonal crafts I love but are not necessarily things I would like to make.  Ideally I like to create from my heart, with each creations having its own little uniqueness.  They may have already been created before but they give me pleasure and inspiration.  That is what I hope to give to others the pleasure and inspiration to either make it themselves or support my passion by purchasing from me.

There are many avenues artists and crafters can use to promote their creations and it is possible to do a tidy little business if that is the goal.  After all isn’t that what most people would love?  To have a passion for something and make a living at it!  If only it were that easy.  My goal is to continue to create from my heart and one day I may gain a little income from it.  I will promote myself and my creations through local avenues such as the Farmer’s Market, craft and vendor shows, Face Book and my blog.  The bonus for me will always be to create with passion and pleasure.





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