I love clocks and only started making clocks this year.  I seemed to be seeing clocks everywhere and thought I can do that.  Also I really wanted to make a huge one for myself and put in on my hubby’s shop.  I found it amazing that you could make a clock out of just about anything, it’s the mechanisms that are the trick.  So far I have only tackled standard clocks, not chime clocks or pendulum clocks.

There are so many types of mechanisms the nice thing is that they are not that hard to find.  You can purchase them on line from a variety of places.  Just type in your search engine DIY clock repairs and you’ll find quite a variety of vendors to choose from.  Or you can re-purpose an old clock mechanism for your own project.  If you source them from overseas I found that the size of the shaft is not displayed or the length of the hands.  The shaft is usually standard which is about 5/16″ in length.  So far in my experience the diameter is usually always the same.  The hands can range anywhere from 2-1/2″ to 6″.  The other problem with overseas is the length of time for shipping.  The mechanisms are usually well priced but the shipping time is weeks, this is well stated in the info on shipping details so you are not surprised.  I am also not certain about the quality of these mechanisms.  Time will tell,  ha ha!

If you are building a large clock you will need to purchase a high torque mechanism which can handle hand lengths over 10″.  This is also usually displayed when you source large hands.  The description will tell you “only for use with high torque mechanisms”.  I have not found a variety of color options for the hands, usually only two, but they are easily painted.  Also if you are building a clock to be placed outside you will want to purchase the extra water resistant backing to protect the mechanism.  I found these to be inexpensive. Or you can build your clock with a weather protection feature, just remember that you will need to get at the back to change the battery.

Most sources for mechanisms and hands will give you a choice of hands for free when you purchase the mechanism.  This usually does not include hands for high torque mechanisms.

I will add new info as I gain more experience.  Have fun!




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