If you remember or read my previous post here’s a wonderful little project using the same technique of burning!I used my already burned boards from my previous technique.2016-09-25-07-25-14

I decided I would try an already very favorite media for some using buttons.  Most are used on canvas but of course I needed to try this on my wood.  This post has a bit more of what not to do than to do.  But it worked out wonderfully in the end so it is a fairly forgiving technique.  I had already stenciled on my wording.

I chalked out my design, and outlined the tree trunk and limbs using acrylic paint, in black and a frosty brown.  I first dipped a stenciling brush in a fairly bright yellow and dotted the tree all around.  I then mixed a moss green with a dot of black to mottle it.  It didn’t turn out and the way I wanted it to once I started putting on the buttons.  I wanted the buttons to pop but with the yellow it wasn’t happening.  I did leave a hint of the yellow more towards the outside of the tree globe.2016-09-28-19-43-54I then carefully added the mixed green and black all into the globe area being careful not to color the buttons with the paint.  To glue the buttons on I used Gorilla glue.  Wonderful stuff!  Once I had all the buttons in place just the way I wanted I covered the exposed areas with Minwax oil Modified water based Polyurethan.  My that is a long title, but I like the result and it is what I had handy.

I will have this one showing at our next local Farmer’s Market.

Happy DIY!


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