GetClocked you say?  What the heck is that?

I’m happy you’re here.  Please feel free to explore my posts and maybe I can inspire or help you create something unique.

I have been a multi media artist for over 40 years.  I use the term artist in its true sense.  Everyone is an artist but may not realize they are.  I believe everyone has a talent and art is expressed in many forms.  Art is physical, mental and visionary.

Currently my path as an artist is creating clocks and signs.  My web name Getclocked originally came from making a clock out or what ever I came across, but that too has evolved.  Now I view the name as ” holy cow hit me over the head, that’s ingenious!”.   I’m not referring to myself, I’m referring to all the uniquely talented people out there that share their talent with us.

For myself I wish I had a 48 hour day sometimes.  I’ll see something and want to expand on it and the ideas sometimes keep me up all night.


Happy DIY!



The “Web” is such a wonderful thing!whimsicle dandy clock (2)